"I think that this is, quite possibly, one of the most unique mobile device games I've played."  - PopCults.com

"This game is a wonderfully complete touchscreen gem. " - 148apps.com

"The game is an absolute joy to play and it reminds me of why I fell in love with App Store platform games in the first place." - DenOfGeek.com

​                Hold On Tight!


Cling! is an action pegformer set inside of a child's vending machine. The star of our story is Edgar, a toy that has received the distinct honor of having an owner. Unfortunately, his capsule breaks on the way out, and is now trapped! In order to escape, Edgar must avoid certain death at the hands of every popular video game hazard such as spikes, falls, and electricity!

The pegformer genre is a new take on platforming that uses a unique wall-crawling style of movement. Edgar travels through the machine by clinging to floating pegs, where the player's finger acts as a focal point for Edgar to travel. So when the player lets go, Edgar does too!


for iOS! for Android!

Action Pegformer                           Platform:  iOS, Android                     Now Available